D3 – The Cost Of A Divided Heart

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.”

Matthew 6:24

Life’s like a maze, isn’t it? Sometimes, we find ourselves caught in this tug-of-war between wanting the shiny stuff of the world and heeding the call of something bigger. It’s a bit like having a little storm brewing inside us, messing up our spirit and how we connect with God.

Remember the story of King David and his, let’s say, complicated relationship with Bathsheba? It’s a classic tale of what can happen when our hearts get pulled in different directions. David, the guy celebrated as a man after God’s own heart, found himself slipping when temptation came calling. His immediate wants took the front seat, and his duty to God and his people got pushed to the back.

The fallout from David’s choices is a pretty clear warning. A heart that steps off the righteous path leads to trouble. The wake of David’s actions—pain, loss, and a kingdom thrown into chaos—shows the heavy price we pay when we let our hearts be steered by anything other than God’s plan.

Matthew 6:24 hits the nail on the head. It says we can’t serve two masters. It’s like a big flashing sign warning us that we can quickly lose our way if our loyalties are divided. It reminds us that sailing between God’s kingdom and worldly temptations can make our spiritual journey feel like we’re trying to climb a mountain with a backpack full of rocks.

A heart torn between now and forever, between what we want and what’s being called for us, finds it hard to truly experience the endless joy and peace that comes from living a life in sync with God. We find ourselves at a crossroads, unable to fully commit to the path that promises momentary pleasure and lasting inner peace and satisfaction. Only when we reconcile these opposing forces within us can we truly experience the profound bliss of living in sync with God.

So, which master do you choose?


Heavenly Father, we acknowledge the struggle within our hearts, torn between the allure of this world and the call of Your kingdom. Teach us the true cost of a divided heart and guide us back to a place of unity and devotion solely towards You. Help us to discern Your will and grant us the courage to follow it wholeheartedly. In every decision, may our hearts reflect a singular devotion to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  1. What areas of your life reveal a struggle between divided loyalties?
  2. How can you take steps to unify your heart’s desires toward God’s will?

Step of Faith:

Identify one aspect of your life where you sense a division in your heart. Commit to a week of prayerfully seeking God’s guidance on aligning this area more closely with His will. Whether it’s through journaling, a tangible change in your daily routine, or seeking counsel from a trusted spiritual mentor, take active steps toward healing the division in your heart.

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